Ghana: WACDEP supported Seminar held

The Ghana Country Water Partnership (CWP-Ghana), in collaboration with the Federation of Environmental Journalists (FEJ) of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) organised a “Learn and Share” Seminar under the theme “Dynamics of Environmental Reporting”. The seminar was held on 10th March, 2016 at GIJ Seminar Room.


The purpose for this activity was to present a platform for the students who participated in the field trip in January 2016 to share knowledge gained with the rest of the Federation members and stakeholders. It was also meant to foster interaction between the members of FEJ and the more experienced and practicing environmental journalists.

Four presentations were made by the field trip participants based on the groups which were formed during the trip. The presentations detailed out their experiences and lessons learned as individuals and groups.

One of the Environmental journalists, Mr. Baidoo, making  his input

The activity was very interactive as participants shared ideas on issues of environmental reporting and journalism in general. Stakeholders present also made contributions to the work of the students. They mentioned how privileged FEJ was to be presented with such an opportunity and encouraged them to make full use of it.

The five students who submitted stories for the “Ma Wie” competition were recognised and given audio recorders for their efforts.

The Executives of FEJ gave CWP-Ghana a citation for supporting the organisation through the WASH Journalism Initiative.

The project Manager receiving the Citation on behalf of  CWP-Ghana

Moving forward, preparation has started in earnest to facilitate the printing of the FEJ Newsletter which will contain the stories produced by the stories after the field trip as well as other environmental reports. An editorial committee will be set up made up of faculty members of GIJ, editors and journalists. This committee will oversee the process of story selection, newsletter design, name and cost to facilitate the printing process.

Mr. Jong presenting a recorder to one of the students