IDMP acting for environment

The IDMP Project manager participated to the commemoration of the African Environment Day "Wangari Maathai Day" of the African Union in Addis Ababa from 1 to 06 March 2016. The opportunity was good to learn about several African initiatives driven by women and enable their empowerment and financial independence.

The majority of the initiatives presented are held in several contexts and different climate zones from where IDMP WA is implemented. However, a Mali's initiative on arabic gum from the Acacia Senegalensis was presented. This tree aims to restore degraded areas in the Sahel region and transform the products made from it. Thus the IDMP WA project officer took the opportunity to discuss with Mrs. Aminata Diallo Sidibé, the presenter, president of the Rally for education on environment and sustainable development (REDD), for a technical support for the development of a larger similar program in IDMP target countries.