Ivory Coast celebrates WWD and the National Water Week

Ivory Coast has celebrated World Water Day 2016 and the second edition of the National Water Week from March 22 to 24. The topic of celebration was inspired from the global theme: "Ivory Coast, emerging in 2020: what contributions of the water sector to creating jobs and wealth? »

Initiated by the Ministry of Water and Forestry (MINEF) in collaboration with other water stakeholders and technical and financial partners, the joint celebration of both events covered three (3) days and was attended by government structures, private companies and civil society organizations including the Country Water Partnership of Ivory Coast (PNECI).
The day of 22nd March, was marked by the opening ceremony with the Minister of Water and Forestry, the Minister for Urban Safety and Sanitation and representatives of some international organizations.

The CWP chair, Ndri Koffi made a communication jointly with Sylvain USHER of the African Water Association (AWA) on sensitizing on good practices on water use: contribution of NGOs of the water sector”.

The Permanent Secretary of the CWP, François Kouadio was one of the rapporteurs during the