Mékrou project, monitoring for the implementation of the political framework agreement

A scanned version of the Framework Agreement signed on December 21, 2015 by Benin, Burkina and Niger was transmitted to all members of the Advisory Committee, to the nine (9) Ministers related to NBA through the National Focal Structures of NBA, as well to the Regional Coordination of users of the natural resources of the Niger basin (CRU-ABN).

A mission led by the Chair GWP-WA went to Niamey to formally hand over the certified copies of the document to NBA Executive Secretary and suggest that these copies are transmitted to their related Ministers in the 9 NBA member countries and to CRU-ABN. Letters were drafted and transmitted to NBA Executive Secretary for signature and transmission to countries. This leaves to the NBA to play its role as supervisor of any project running in the Niger River Basin.

GWP WA Chair, pr. AFOUDA handing over a copy of the Agreement to the NBA ES, Dr.TouptaBOGUENA

The certified copies of the Agreement were handed over to NBA Executive Secretary on Wednesday 6th April, 2016 in Niamey. Discussions were done with the NBA Executive Secretary on the implementation of appropriate arrangements for the operationalization of this Framework Agreement.