Mékrou Project, delay in studies not worrisome

The elaboration of the study on the "Identification of development priorities in the Mékrou transboundary basin" in each country (Benin, Burkina and Niger) with workshops for the restitution and validation has been delayed because of some practical issues. The contracts were signed with some delay with each consultants and some national issues linked to the political and social situation couldn’t allow work to go on correctly.

But these were included in the assumptions as possible obstacles. Amendments were done with consultant in each country to continue carrying out the studies that were supposed to finish by the end of March 2016. New time lines were decided and reports are expected to be submitted from end April to early June according to the situation of the country.

In addition in order to facilitate the consolidation of studies on national development priorities in the Mékrou basin a Working Group was set up and is made in addition to the project implementation team, of the national consultants in charge the studies in each country, the regional consultant who will be responsible for the consolidation of national development priorities as well as the International consultant recruited by GWPO. But this group has yet to get into business.