Senegal, the CWP celebrates WWD with stakeholders

    The Chair of Senegal CWP and three members of the steering committee took part in the various activities related to the celebration of the World Water Day in the countries. The official ceremonies took place in Saint Louis this year. The CWP contributed in finalizing the official communications that were delivered in addition to contributing to the panel discussions.  The scientific panel took place on the topic “Water and Employment” and presided by the Minister of Hydraulics and Sanitation, Mr. Mansour FAYE. Two communications were made on the topic one covering national data and the second one reflecting local situation.

    A view of the room during the ceremony

    The CWP has also a booth at the official exhibition visited by many persons who were given documentation on the CWP and GWP as a network. The action contributed to give more visibility to the country water partnership that is willing to play a greater role in the national water agenda.

    View of the room during panel discussions

    The CWP had hold on March 12, the second meeting of its steering committee extended to key stakeholders to discuss issues related to the participation to the 2016 WWD and finalizing the accreditation process. A comprehensive dossier has been transmitted to the GWP-AO for the regional Steering Committee to consider before transmitting to GWPO Executive Secretary to approve.