Benin: monitoring and evaluating schools near IWRM sites in mono and couffo

A mission toured schools neighboring IWRM pilot sites of Mono and Couffo departments to , a monitor and evaluate the achievements of the teacher trained on hygiene and sanitation.

This mission went to the municipalities of Lalo, Dogbo, Lokossa and Athiémé on 25 and 26 May 2016. The schools visited are respectively ZOUNHOME, DEKANDJI / B OUEDEME and ADOHOUN DEKPOE. This action undertaken in partnership with the Belgian NGO, Protos was done by Mrs Aurore BIOKOU, Training and Communication officer of Benin CWP and Herbert GANSOU, Animator / Mono-Couffo LWP.


Interviews were carried out with the Director of the school and the teacher in charge of hygiene, to inquire of the result of the training, which took place in March. Then the team examined how the school is dealing with Hygiene, Sanitation and Drinking Water for the students and teachers. The mission was also an opportunity to award schools with hardware kits to help them to put into practice the good behavior in water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH) including figurines for animation in classrooms, trash cans, rakes, brooms, tin for mounting the Tippy Tap, detergents, soap bars, etc.

The mission found out that teachers have shared with their colleagues, the knowledge they have acquired during the training and areputting them into practice. But because of the examinations the School Health Committees have not been operationalized.