GWP Waf holds electronic meeting of Steering Committee

Pursuant to a decision of the General Assembly of Partners taking into account budgetary limits, the Secretariat has organized the meeting of the Steering Committee electronically at the end of October 2015.

The members of the Steering Committee received by email all documents that they should study and validate, with decision points.  They were able to respond on the documents and give their orientations and decisions to the attention of the Executive Secretariat.
The Status of GWP-WA provide for two statutory meetings of the Steering Committee per year. The texts provide that one of these meetings will be electronically and another one a physical meeting to take important decisions. And for two years these statutory provisions are being implemented by the Executive Secretariat.
The main constraint of this practice is related to the problem of access to a reliable Internet connection by all SC members to be able to view a video summarizing the content as desired.