IDMP Waf: the implementation process of the regional and national platforms continues

One of the key IDMP actions in West Africa is the establishment of the national platforms in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger and at regional level. These platforms will be used to discuss issues related to the integrated drought management. In Niger a meeting held on November 5 to set up the national platform on Integrated Drought Management (GIS) in the country. The finalization of the project document for the institutional framework of PGIS Niger was also discussed.

In Mali the process for the effective implementation of the platform with the finalization of the statutes and regulations and other platform document is ongoing.
In Burkina Faso, exchanges are under way to define how the platform will be framed including the official recognition of the platform, the description of the platform, the activities of the platform, a broad involvement of all sectors and the management of the platform.
At the regional level exchanges with IUCN and the web master of the VBA for the development of the reference document of the regional platform of the Integrated Drought Management are also ongoing.