Adapting to Climate Change, the Benin CWP trains women to the use of the economic stove "WANROU"

In order to support the Municipal Association of Users of natural resources of the Niger Basin of Péhunco (ACU-Péhunco) to implement a micro-project for the mobilization and the integrated management of resources of the Beket reservoir, the community of Beket in the town of Péhunco received a 10-day training session in September 2015 on the construction and use of economic Wanrou stoves. Indeed, this micro-project is in line with the "Shared Vision for the preservation of the Niger Basin ecosystem for its sustainable development" and the "promotion of IWRM in the national portion of Niger Basin" of the WASH-Benin Program.

The main objective of this training session is to reduce pressure from women on forest resources through the collection of firewood. This training was organized by the Country Water Partnership of Benin (CWP Benin) with the support of the Dutch WASH Alliance through the Benin-WASH program. In all as results of this training, 33 women and youth were trained on the construction technique of improved stoves "wanrou" in Beket and on environmental preservation issues; 5 construction kits were given so that other women in the village can be made aware; 22 training pads were distributed to the trainees; 22 couples of stoves were built in the village during the training; 4 village instructors sub committees of at least 8 members have been set up in the districts of Dabarou, Tokoro, Boroo and Gnon Mairou in Beket; the group of women and young people trained, representing the Village Committee of instructors of Beket was installed with the support of the village chief and members of the Management Committee of the water reservoir of Beket; 20 other households have benefited from the economic stoves a week after the training on the initiative of trained instructors.