IDPM WA, moving with the establishment process of the regional platform

    A meeting was held on October 27, 2015 in the conference room of GWP West Africa to discuss issues related to the establishment of the regional platform for stakeholders on drought management in the region. During this second meeting a presentation was made on various tools that could be used to ease communication between members of the platform before and when it is set up. Among these tools were social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), Google communication tools, Yammer, etc.


    The participants concerns were on the security of the data through the use of these tools and the storage limits allowed but the tools were mostly welcome as their are free and can be easily used.

    A second presentation made on the structure of the plat from raised questions on the institutionnal framework to be given to it. The level of participation and accountability issue were also raised.

    The participants made some proposals to have a smooth establishment process of the platform. Among other things it was recommended to develop a roadmap defining the procedures for the implementation of the Platform before the next meeting (a draft in which each member can contribute; to recruit a specialist to draft the operating rules in order to find a functional framework for the organization of the Platform; to ensure institutional linkage of the Platform in order to seek funding for its sustainability even after the project ends.