Mekrou Project, following up the implementation of activities

Many Studies to be carried early 2016 Terms of References (ToRs) were developed and launched in all the three countries for biding. Some offers have already been received and each CWP as well as the regional coordination are following closely.

The project has also requested from each country to submit a proposal of pilot project to be carried in the framework of the Mekrou. Proposals have been received from Burkina, Niger and Benin is still to submit.


The Project Manager, Mr. Corneille AHOUANSOU is supposed to take part to the meeting of the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) in Bamako, Mali from November 2 to 5, 2015. Prior to this meeting the Draft cooperation framework agreement for the promotion of political dialogue in the Mekrou transboundary basin was submitted to the Executive Secretary of the NBA. This cooperation framework agreement will be signed later.

A draft report of the monitoring and operational planning manual has been submitted by the consultant and WASCAL will be associated to the implementation of the scientific activities of the project in the region.