Working meeting between GWP/WA and ECOWAS Water Resources Coordination Centre

Given the importance of WRCC in coordinating water resource management in West Africa in particular and that of ECOWAS generally politically and economically, and because of the many joint initiatives underway, GWP / WA met with the Director of WRCC, Ibrahim Babatunde WILSON. The GWP delegation led by its Chair, Prof. Afouda, included the Executive Secretary and the Mekrou and IDMP projects officers.
The two organizations raised a number of initiatives underway at GWP / WA of which WRCC is an integral part, including the Mekrou project, IDMP, or those in which the WRCC should take the lead like the initiative on the regional dialogue on the joint management of shared aquifers in West Africa.

GWP / WA has also emphasized the preparedness initiative in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation and capitalization of SDG by the countries of the sub region.
The Director of WRCC informed the chair of GWP / WA about:
- The holding of the next meeting of the Council of Ministers in Dakar from November 23 to 27 2015. The invitation was delivered just after the meeting to GWP / WA.
- the good news of the ongoing process for the establishment of the Mano River Basin Authority. Funding is secured and countries are showing the necessary political will.
- Finally, he proposed that the two organizations meet regularly (once every two months) to discuss ongoing activities and thus better coordinate their actions.
The Chairman of GWP and his delegation renewed their commitment to support WRCC since the action of GWP / WA is fully in line with the implementation of PREAO