Working visit of the Cahir at the Secretariat and meeting of the budget and finance committee

The Chair of GWP WAf, Pr. Abel AFOUDA had a working visit at the Secretariat from October 19 to 24, 2015. During his stay on Ouagadougou, the Chair met with the staff to have an update on the implementation of various activities and give his orientations for finalizing pending issues.

He was presented the templates for the monitoring and drafting of the work plans, the draft progress reports of the CORE and the three projects bein implemented (WACDEP, IDMP and Mekrou), the guidelines for elaborating the budgets lines for 2016. On all these Prof. AFOUDA gave some orientations. The decision was also taken to convene the virtual meeting of the Steering Committee to appreciate the various documents and give orientations to the Secretariat. This meeting will be done early in November 2015.


During his stay in Ouagadougou, the Chair and some staff met with WASCAL officials to discuss their inolvement in the implementation of the Mekrou scientific activities and also with the Director of the ECOWAS Water Resources Coordination Center which is one of the most important partner of GWP in the region.

To prepare the SC meeting, the members of the Budget and Finance Committee met  to examine all documents that should be submitted to the Steering Committee members and give their opinions to ease the decision taking process for the SC members. The Budget and Finance Committee is an Adhoc committee of three SC members set up to help the Secretariat better prepare SC meetings. They met on October 24, 2015. After a thorough examination of the documents to be transmitted to the Steering Committee, the CBF made some recommendations that will be transmitted to the SC members. But they have noticed in their report a good level of implementation of activities (CORE, IDMP, WACDEP and Mekrou) desspite some constraints and difficulties and have given advices to the Secretariat accordingly.