CWP Burkina to support the Nakambe Water Agency to develop its planning documents

A WACDEP Burkina team met on August 19 the AEN team to discuss a kick off project for the involvement of the CWP in the Master plan. The mission aimed also at starting anew the consultations for the development of bancable projects in the basin.

According the WACDEP manager the CWP support will focus on water resources and climate change. And in this context the CWP has already supported the AEN in the development of the Massili local water committee (CLE Massili), in the development of the SDAGE and bankable projects that address new issues.

Two points were initially set for the support of CWP namely the investment plan of the SDAGE and the inclusion of Climate Change in its development. Due to some difficulties the support from WACDEP was suspended. The difficulties have been resolved and the process revived on the side of the AEN which was the CWP to provide support in developing scenarios that take account of climate change.

The vision is to develop a consensus document that will facilitate its implementation. A senior consultant provided by the SP / PAGIRE is working on the document. WACDEP will support by recruiting an environmentalist to integrate climate change and water security in developing scenarios. Thus, the two consultants will work in a complementary way for the development of scenarios.