Benin, the water and sanitation sector takes stock for the 2014 budget

The Consultation Framework of Non State Actors in the water and sanitation sector in Benin organized the 4th edition of the Media Wash Café to share with journalists the results management of the sector water and sanitation in 2014.


The meeting allowed to share with the media the contents of the document developed by the Ministry of Water, the Ministry of Health and the donors at the conclusion of the review, of 2014, which brought together the various actors of the sector (government departments at central and decentralized levels, municipalities, private sector, civil society, technical and financial partners). The document presents lessons learned from the situation of the sectors during the previous year and the shared vision of the main challenges for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and main recommendations for the sector.

It is noted that in 2014, 1, 289 new water points were constructed and 156 rehabilitated, the access rate to water has reached 68%. As for the water management, the professionalization of the sector by the municipalities, building owners, is a step forward. Progress is also noted in connection with the transfer of resources. Thus, in 2014, 2 billion 6 million were transferred to the municipalities.
The projected rate of coverage for December 31, 2015 is 82% for a target of 72% in the MDGs.
The sanitation sector remains the most disadvantage of the national budget. Timid advances have been made but there serious challenges mainly the financing of the sector.
The WASH Media Coffee is an activity coordinated by the CWP Benin which chairs the Consultative Framework for Non-State Actors in the water and sanitation sector in Benin.