Call for Offers - Preparation of the Nexus Assessment in South East Europe

One international expert or company or group of experts will be hired.

Please download the ToR here.

The service in the framework of the following Projects:
- “Promoting the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in Southeastern Europe, through the use of the Nexus approach”
- “Water-Food-Energy-Environment Nexus Policy Dialogue Process in South East Europe”
- “International Waters: Learning Exchange and Resource Network, Activity 2.3: Supporting Regional Cooperation on Shared Water Resources through Dialogue”

The Nexus Assessment in South East Europe will be used as the conceptual and technical background to support and inform the process of a Nexus Policy Dialogue in South East Europe, as well as the activities of the Projects.

Details regarding the assignment are included in the Terms of Reference that accompany this Call for Offers.

Application deadline: 28 May 2017

Interested parties are kindly requested to send any inquiries on the call for offers terms to: Ms. Anna Maria Papaioannou
Contact details: +30-210-3247267, -2103247490 (300)