GWP-Med during the World Water Week 2018 – Session on the benefits for ecosystems and wetlands through the Nexus

The World Water Week, held every year in Stockholm, is considered the major global annual event dedicated to water issues. More than 1200 speakers and presenters together with hundreds of participants more, will take part in its almost 300 sessions. The theme of this year’s Week (26-31 August) is “Water, Ecosystems and Human Development”. As in previous years, GWP-Med serves as the overall coordinator for the “MENA Focus” sessions dedicated to water-related issues in the Middle East & North Africa Region.

This year, and in line with the Week’s specific theme, GWP-Med convenes together with Wetlands International the session “MENA Focus- Benefits for Ecosystems and Wetlands through the Nexus” that will be held on Tuesday 28 August, 09.00-10.30, in Room FH 307. The session, with a facilitated panel discussion at its core, will take stock of the needs, challenges, regional initiatives and best practices in the Mediterranean region regarding the sustainable management of wetlands, mainly through the Nexus approach, with an emphasis on the expected benefits and the replicable experiences. More information on the session, including its Concept Note and Agenda, and a background Policy Brief is available here.

The session will be followed by the other MENA Focus one, titled “MENA Focus- Building Resilience to Shocks and Protracted Crises”, convened by the World Bank Group and the FAO (Tuesday 28 August, 11.00-12.30, Room: FH 307). More information on this session is available here.

Beyond these MENA Focus sessions, GWP-Med is among the co-convenors of the session “The global Water Convention: an opportunity for transboundary water cooperation” (Thursday 30 August, 11.00-12.30, Room: NL Pillar Hall). More information on this session is available here.

Moreover, GWP-Med representatives will also participate as speakers in other sessions focusing on the complementarity of IWRM and ecosystem-based approaches (info here), on sustainable infrastructure for inclusive green growth (info here), as well as on water and migration interlinkages and on the Global Framework on Water Scarcity in Agriculture.

Outside the Water Week’s on-site events, GWP-Med will host on Tuesday, 28 August, an event (by invitation only) celebrating the 10 years of the Non-Conventional Water Resources in the Mediterranean Programme, in partnership with The Coca-Cola Foundation, during which more than 100 projects have been implemented in 37 islands and a coastal city in 4 countries.