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Phase II of the Nexus Assessment in the Drina river basin is launched

The ad-hoc Steering Committee for the Nexus activities in the Drina River Basin under the SEE Nexus Project, supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), had its first online meeting on 15 October 2020. Representatives from the Ministries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia relevant to the water, energy and environment sectors, were informed about and commented on the project’s objectives and planned activities in the basin.
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Strengthening the role of Women in Water Diplomacy in the MENA region

What is so special about water diplomacy? And where does the discussion on women and gender fit in? Placing women, water and diplomacy in the same sentence, often enough causes reactions that include head-scratching and eyebrow-raising; the link among them is not easily -nor well- understood.
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Towards a WEM Framework Programme within the UfM Water Agenda

The Water-Employment-Migration (WEM) Lab II (19-20 November 2019, Istanbul), brought together representatives of key institutions (including on migration and labour), governments and stakeholders including the private sector civil society and academia, to identify related challenges, possible solutions and synergies among a range of partners. The focus was on addressing key lines towards building the WEM Framework Programme of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Water Agenda, building on contributions by on-going and future actions and projects.

CLOSED:Call for the recruitment of Gender Programme Officer

The Global Water Partnership-Mediterranean is seeking to hire a Gender Programme Officer. The successful candidate will be hired by MIO-ECSDE, a civil non-profit society based in Greece, in its capacity as Host Institute for GWP-Med.