GWP-Med signs MoU with the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources & Fishery to advance ongoing & future collaboration

Building on their long-lasting cooperation, the Global Water Partnership Mediterranean (GWP-Med) and the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources & Fishery (MARHP) signed a framework MoU to promote and facilitate the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) with a strengthened participation of water stakeholders in Tunisia, both at local level, national and transboundary level.

Photo credit : GWP

In this perspective, GWP-Med will support the MARHP to achieve its objectives as well as to implement its strategies in areas of common or complementary interest. More specifically, cooperation areas cover :

- Transboundary cooperation strengthening,

-  Conventional and non-conventional water management,

- Water related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) achievement,

- Sustainable water financing,

- Enhancing water governance including Integrity, Transparency and Equity,

- Adaptation to climate change and management of extreme events (droughts and floods),

- Water, Employment, Migration with focus on gender and youth,

- Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems Nexus

 The Ceremony of the MoU signature took place at the GWP booth during the 2018 Stockholm Water Week edition with the presence of the Tunisian Delegation headed by M. Hamadi Habeib, Director of the Planning and Hydraulic Balances Department; M. Wissem Boudriga, representative of the Tunisian Embassy in Sweden; Dr. Monika Weber-Fahr, GWP Executive Secretary; Prof. Michael Scoullos, Chair of GWP-Med and Dr. Sarra Touzi, Head of the GWP-Med Tunis Office.

Photo credit : GWP