GWP Network Meeting 2020: Bringing the Change

GWP Partners are invited to the Annual Network Meeting of GWP Partners 2020, which takes place online on 21-22 October, under the theme ‘Bringing the Change’.


WHEN: 21-22 October 2020 (see specific agenda and timings below)

WHAT: The global Opening Session will be followed by three continental sessions – Latin America & CaribbeanEurasia, and Africa & Mediterranean – and end with a Closing Session. Each continental session will consist of a customised inter-regional segment and a global segment, where the same question will be discussed in all three continental sessions, culminating in key messages from the whole Network in the Closing Session.

HOW: The meeting will take place online (Zoom platform). Please register here. Links to the different sessions will be shared with the registered participants. Interpretation will be offered in some of the sessions, and parts of the meeting will be broadcast live on GWP’s Facebook page.

GLOBAL QUESTION to be addressed:

The Covid-19 crisis impacts water resources management today and will likely have long-lasting impacts due to the socio-economic crisis and shifting political priorities. As water actors, how do you adapt your work to continue bringing change to achieve water security? Can we identify ‘success factors’ to make change happen in this new environment?



21 October, 15.00-16.00 CEST 
(convert into your time zone here)
High-level session, where GWP will show achievements and future direction. Participants will also hear from GWP’s Chair Howard Bamsey, and the finalists of the Water Change Maker Awards will be announced during this session.

CONTINENTAL SESSION 3: Africa & Mediterranean
22 October, 11:00-13:30 CEST (convert into your time zone here)
This session will focus on how to transform and improve the investment outlook for water security and sustainable sanitation for a prosperous, peaceful and equitable society. It will bring together GWP partners and collaborating entities from the regions of Africa (Southern Africa, West Africa, Eastern Africa, Central Africa, North Africa) and Mediterranean to discuss how this can translate into concrete actions in their regions, in the framework of the implementation of GWP’s new Strategy.

The session will start with a sharing of perspectives on mobilising water investments, highlighting in particular the potential of the Africa Water Investment Programme (AIP) in that objective. Participants will be invited to exchange on challenges and avenues to move forward in their regions, with a focus on joint action. All participants will also be informed of key continental processes and meetings taking place with partners for the remainder of the year.

The second part will engage participants around the questions: As water actors, how do you adapt your work to continue bringing change in a COVID-19 context? Can we identify ‘success factors’ to make change happen in this new environment?The three continental sessions will allow partners from within and different regions to meet one another and share their views, contributing to a stronger Global Water Partnership. Key messages coming out of the exchanges will be shared with the whole Network and with decision-makers, and will further inform GWP programmes in the regions.

Full details on all Continental Sessions, here.


14.30-15.00 CEST (convert into your time zone here)
In this session we will hear back from the Chairs of the three continental sessions, and also from some “Voices of GWP Partners”, how we are, and will continue, Bringing the Change for a Water Secure World.