GWP- SEA at the 3rd World Irrigation Forum and Launching the GWP's 2020-2025 Strategy

Supporting Event 7 on Powerful alliance: Multi-stakeholders Platform (MSP) contributions on food and water security processes in Asia. 3rd September 2019, 14.00-16.00 hrs at Room Kintamani 4

The issues of food and water security, irrigation and drainage development and management, and land-use planning are intrinsically linked and impact many sectors and actors, both at the local and national levels. Developing sound sectoral policies and strategies contributing to sustainable development requires integrated thinking and consideration of the concerns, needs and expectations of all stakeholders. But bringing together the actors, and arriving at joint visions is not an easy task. Multi-stakeholder platforms (MSPs) have an important role to play to bring the actors together, to provide recommendations to decision-makers and to mobilize for action.     

The session focuses on the role and importance of MSPs contribution to the food and water security processes by sharing of experience and lessons learned from several countries in Asia. In terms of objectives, the session will highlight and demonstrate the significant role of multi-stakeholder platforms acting in collaboration with the Government to create a powerful alliance towards the realization of food and water security. It will also showcase how the water and food nexus contributes to improved food security planning. By sharing experiences and lessons learned, it will provide the audience with practical tools to enhance food and water security processes. Overall, the session will contribute to mobilizing Governments, MSPs, stakeholders and partners to enhance contributions of MSPs on food and water security.

Full schedule can be seen here.

During this event, we will also be launching the new GWP 2020-2025 strategy.