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Dialogue on Community Participation in Irrigation Management


In Vietnam, community participation in irrigation management (PIM) has been developed in nearly 20 years, with 16,238 organizations including the irrigation services, water users, and irrigation management committee. These organizations contributed greatly and effectively to the management of minor irrigation construction works in reservoirs and pumping stations on a small scale. It shows the inevitable demand for irrigation management in Vietnam and continues to grow both in quantity and performance efficiency. 

35 delegates from Policy-Makers Agency (MARD), Research Institutes (including the Institute of Social Sciences), University, Local Irrigation Department, NGOs, Companies and experts, held a dialogue in Hanoi on July 12, 2014 to find solution to improve policies in promoting the development of "community participation in irrigation management" model in Vietnam. 


The delegates from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development present a status of policy and operation of existing water user organizations, the current status and propose solutions to enhance the effectiveness of the management and exploitation of local irrigation management organizations, and the measurement to develop PIM Models. 

From the current status and presentation from the delegates, they agree with the assessment of the Department of Irrigation Management "Local irrigation organizations are not sustainable; capacity of management personnel is weak in both technical and management; finance of local irrigation organizations is quite difficult, according to local reports, 52% of organizations with revenues meet only 65-70% expenditure requirements, lack of funds for maintenance, repairing, dredging ditch" and they also agree to the basic solutions regarding of developing a model of PIM in “Improve the efficiency of the management and exploitation of existing irrigation scheme" by decision of 784/QD-BNN-TCTL, Day 21 / 4/2014 of the Minister of Agriculture and rural Development, as introduced by the Deputy Director of irrigation management.  

Participants of the dialogue, especially experts, who served as state management in the field of irrigation management appreciated the organization of "Dialogue on community participation in irrigation management." 

Dialogue coincided with the promulgation of "Scheme on improving the efficiency of management and exploitation of existing irrigation" by decision No.84/QD-BNN-TCTL dated 21/04/2014 of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development that is a practical work, contributes initiatives for implementing the project. 

From this successful dialogue, all participants suggested to having next activities on this topic:  

-           Developing training manual, training on establishing community organizations participating in irrigation management. 

-           Guiding farmer how to manage, use water efficiently in the context of climate change and water security challenges.  

-           Constructing PIM demonstration combines with the new rural construction.