Lao Water Partnership

The capacity needs for youth on IWRM in Lao PDR is strongly needed to advocate the knowledge and skills which they can further support and disseminate among their specific groups in the schools, universities and communities. Youth has more creative ideas and lots of activities related to environmental protection as well as some of water protection – water saving campaign, etc.


On 5th December 2014, Lao Water Partnership, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, National University of Laos, Lao’s Youth and Women’s Union discussed the idea to involve youth in IWRM Implementation in Lao PDR.


There is youth’s union inside each organizational structure of Lao government which is official entity. This is a very good opportunity to promote or integrate IWRM with youth activities in each institution across the country. However, youth activities cover many fields (not only water). It is necessary to enhance capacity and raise awareness on water resources management for youth.


The awareness raising activities for youth should include publications to disseminate information about IWRM, World Water Day, Seminar/Workshop, which can integrate with other youth activities e.g. Blood Donor Action Movement, canal cleaning, marathon walking, etc. The Youth Declaration and discussion should be organised and disseminated widely. This will shape the views of the youth on potential participation in IWRM strategy implementation in the future. For instance the Mekong Youth Declaration and other event declaration. Youth network is potential to be the bridge on water management of each level.


The youth representative is very eager and willing to join the IWRM implementation activities. This effort can be made through further event and project design on youth and water management in Lao PDR as a showcase in some areas.