GWP Southeast Asia 32nd Steering Committee Meeting


The 32nd SC Meeting of GWP Southeast Asia was held in Singapore on 10 July 2016 before the Singapore Water Week and GWP PAN Asia Workshop.


9 Steering Committee Member from 9 countries in Southeast Asia gathered at the Marina Barrage, Singapore to discuss the program and plan for the 2016 and 2017. The plan of 2017 for core budget work plan has not been decided yet but 2 alternatives has been prepared and proposed for the countries.



For the WACDEP Program, Steering Committee member agreed to take the option 1B for the outline of WACDEP 2017-2019 plan and will be submitted the plan to GWPO. The meeting also discussing about the specific project / activities on community based flood management in Southeast Asia.


Regarding the accreditation document, 2 countries (Indonesia Water Partnership and Philippine Water Partnership) has been accredited from GWP and waiting for the letter of accreditation from GWP. 6 countries will complete their documents based on template circulated on 21 May 2016 and send to secretariat before August 2016.


In this meeting, secretariat requested attention from the countries about the consistency in reporting, having regards to logframe mapping and result indicators.


GWP Southeast Asia will keep working on the program and plan based on decision taken from this meeting.