Identification of Water Quality Monitoring and Evaluation Approaches for Bago River

In Bago River, water has been used for Agriculture, Industries and Tourist attraction which means the quality of water is important to be used for human and other living things.
Water of good quality should be clear and free from harmful substances and can be used by humans and other living things.
Myanmar Water Partnership and Global Water Partnership-Southeast Asia together with government organizations, University, NGOs, INGOs (total 55 participants) gathered to discuss about water quality monitoring and evaluation aspects in Bago River on 15th September 2015 at Irrigation Technology Center, Bago.

Workshop participants are from technical institutes and professional private organizations especially concerned with water quality monitoring and evaluation aspects.
Seven speakers discussed on topics related to their own tasks of the water quality monitoring in Myanmar Rivers. From these presentation and discussion, more understanding between the organizations getting an overview of who are doing monitoring in the actual area and what they are monitor for and how can they access the data. From Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), point out the interpretation of monitoring data and planning of monitoring programs possibly are the most important subjects.
Participants can learn techniques of water quality monitoring and evaluation approaches that are usually practicing in Myanmar. Knowledge exchange of Myanmar practices and Norwegian way of doing in this regards have been worked out. Based on the discussions among participants, identification of water quality monitoring and evaluation approaches for Bago River has decided.