FAO’s Real Water Savings (REWAS) in Agriculture Online Training

Real Water Savings (REWAS) in agriculture online training for Indonesia was the latest collaboration between GWP-SEA Regional Secretariat and FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. Real Water Savings (REWAS) is a simple tool to estimate the potential for generating real water savings from various agronomic, water management and technical practices in irrigated agriculture. The tool was developed by Future Water as part of RAP’s developing regional program on water scarcity in Asia and the Pacific. So far successful trainings have been held in Nepal, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Thailand and Iran, with very positive feedback from participants.

Under the Water Scarcity Programme, FAO engaged Future Water based in the Netherlands to facilitate the training Real Water Savings (REWAS) in agriculture that was divided into 5 sessions (15,22,29 March and 5,8, April 2022). GWP-SEA regional secretariat facilitated the nomination of 27 participants who are working in water management represented Indonesia’s government officials, and academia to join with the other participants that also invited by the FAO.

To increase the progress of water scarcity program in the region, FAO have submitted proposals and when it successfully secured, GWP-SEA as a strategic partner in the region can collaborate further in particular to engage government and non-government stakeholders through our multistakeholder platform. (AW)