Innovative Solution for Sustainable Development Webinar Series#3: Provision of clean and safe water for emergency response and remote areas

Picked up the theme of provision of clean and safe water for emergency response and remote areas, the third webinar from the series was held on 7 April 2022, and invited GWP-SEA partner’ FONTO DE VIVO as the resource person. The webinar focuses on the regional issue in dealing with natural disasters and the existence of a high number of remote areas, and how the innovative technology from our partner can provide a solution for these situations.

Natural disasters linked to flooding increased by 134% compared to the two previous decades (GIEC report 2021). This situation has put pressure on the provisioning of safe drinking as it is a critical need for citizens and first responders immediately following a natural disaster or other catastrophic events. Another challenge also might arise when the availability of water from public water systems is often compromised in the aftermath of such an event.

The safe water networks provided by the water utility companies might not reach the community who lives in the rural areas. Therefore, put the 20% of people in the Asia Pacific that lives in the rural areas at risk since they still do not have access to basic drinking water (GIEC report 2021), generating concentrations of waterborne diseases that may have a great impact on the health and well-being of affected communities. The government's response to the situation is extremely important as it can assist in preventing more victims and loss of economy in the long-term period.

Based on the above information, GWP-SEA and FONTO DE VIVO co-organized a webinar, that showcased portable and reliable household water purifiers that can filter viruses, and bacteria, thus preventing the spread of water-borne diseases.

The webinar was held on 7 April 2022 and started with an opening remark from Mr Fany Wedahuditama, GWP-SEA Regional Coordinator. He shared that the regional context emphasized the water-related disasters and the urgent need for an innovative solution to deal with the problem. Ms Marjorie Boudaud, the FONTO DE VIVO International Development Manager continued the discussion by introducing the company’s invention, product specification and location of the projects where the products were being used.

ORISA water filter, as the product is called, can filtrate water up to 3 Liter per minute, is portable in size and easy to be operated and maintained. The product has been evaluated according to WHO standards and receives a 3-star ranking. Its portability feature is suitable for humanitarian emergencies and off-grid development. The product was deployed during Haiti’s earthquake, as an emergency stock in French and to support the malnutrition and children undernutrition program in Madagascar. Furthermore, ORISA was distributed to support remote communities such as Vichada communities in Colombia and for the people of Haiti as part of raising awareness of clean water consumption.

The recorded webinar can be accessed through our official Facebook account here. The presentation material and related links can be accessed through our event page here.

For further information and collaboration, you can email Ms Marjorie Boudaud, the FONTO DE VIVO International Development Manager at marjorieboudaud[at] (AW)