Mr. Lira Theko

Lira Theko is currently Head of Programme Management at Transformation Resource Centre (TRC). He joined TRC in April 2000. He has a Master’s degree in Adult Education from the National University of Lesotho. He has worked extensively on community approaches, project management (planning, implementation, and reporting), conflict resolution and management and governance, democracy, development, and capacity development. Has also developed produced training materials for stakeholders.

Lira has worked with communities in promoting, protecting, and advocating for the respect of human rights by the government and its institutions. Among the activities were monitoring human rights violations in the country, advocating for the establishment of democratic oversight bodies in the protection and promotion of human rights, monitoring, as well as observing, documenting, and reporting human rights violations.

Lira has also provided policy analysis, strategic and technical guidance on the project planning and implementation and ensured effective implementation of all activities, quick and efficient response to challenges. He has participated in mobilizing electorates to participate during elections for a specific role in voting. Lira trained observers both locally and nationally from members of the Lesotho Council of NGOs and also participated in the training of members of civil society organizations in preparations for undertaking community mobilization in preparation for the reforms process.