Namibia Water Partnership


The Namibian Water Partnership is a not-for-profit action network of institutionally diverse partner organizations and individuals, launched in February 2001.

The Namibia Water Partnership constitutes a politically neutral multi-stakeholder platform at the country level that empowers, convenes, and connects partner organizations and other stakeholders. It also encourages partners to work together more effectively to address water-related challenges and deliver water-related services.

The Namibia Water Partnership, which currently has 23 registered partners, is part of Global Water Partnership Southern Africa (GWPSA), a regional water professional network created to foster an integrated approach to water resources management (IWRM) and provide practical advice for sustainably managing water resources.

The Namibia Water Partnership is hosted and operating from the Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE) .

Mission and Goals

The Namibian Water Partnership aims to provide a platform at the country level that seeks to create stakeholders dialogue and collaboration in the betterment of water and related natural resource management to ensure their sustainable development, while also ensuring adequate access to water and sanitation services.

 The main objectives are to:

  • Support the implementation of IWRM principles in Namibia;
  • Provide an organizational structure, which will foster, unite, and coordinate national partners in a professional manner to support the goals of water authorities in meeting Namibia's water needs;
  • Assist in planning the sustainable and rational use, protection, conservation, and management of environmental and water resources based on community needs and priorities within the framework of national development policies and Vision 2030;
  • Encourage and stimulate the evaluation of current water related policies for agricultural production, business and investor needs, potable water supply and drought related programs, and to identify gaps and establish ways to better ensure their intended purpose, working in partnership with the Government; and
  • Develop an effective communication network for disseminating best management practices knowledge and institutional arrangements through linkages to other national, regional, and global partnerships.

Network Governance

The Namibia Water Partnership has an Executive Committee consisting of a minimum of five registered Partners. Read more about Zambia Water Partnership's Governance Structure here.

Contact Details

Namibia Water Partnership (c/o Namibian Chamber of Environment)
20 Nachtigal Street
Clamping area
PO Box 40723

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