Malawi Water Partnership

The Malawi Water Partnership is a body that is made up of Partners in Malawi that are duly registered with the Global Water Partnership Organisation (GWPO) as GWP Partners. It is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, non-political, human rights-based and gender-oriented network of institutions and organisations in Malawi. Malawi Water Partnership was accredited to GWPO in 2023 as GWP Malawi.

The Partnership derives its legal mandate through the host institution Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS), formerly the University of Malawi – The Polytechnic.

GWP Malawi has an open, inclusive and gender-sensitive membership policy for bringing together, over time, as wide a group of stakeholders as possible. Partners comprise representatives from institutions including inter alia government agencies, regional and local government institutions, training and research institutions, companies and organizations in the private and public sectors, civil society including non-governmental and grassroots organizations, international and professional organizations, and bilateral and multilateral development agencies.


GWP Malawi subscribes to the GWP’s vision of “a water-secure world”, and to its mission “to support the sustainable development and management of water resources at all levels”.


The mission of GWP-Malawi is,

To create and accelerate efforts towards adoption and implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management through shared knowledge and resources and the re-orientation of the activities of key stakeholders to manage and use water responsibly and sustainably in accordance with government policies”.


To achieve its mission, GWP Malawi shall pursue the following objectives:

  1. To strengthen existing, and develop new mechanisms, of sharing information and experiences on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Malawi;
  2. To facilitate access to managed databases on IWRM guidelines at the country, regional and global levels;
  3. To promote active participation in IWRM of all stakeholders in the country;
  4. To identify IWRM knowledge gaps and constraints and support partners to meet their critical needs  within the available human and financial resources;
  5. To help re-orient the activities of existing groups and organisations managing or using water resources to adopt and implement IWRM approaches as a means of achieving water security.

Application for Partnership

All entities, not individuals, interested in becoming partners of the GWP and GWP-Malawi shall apply to GWP online the  GWP’s website.

The CWP Secretariat’s official address is:

GWP-Malawi Water Partnership

C/o Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences

Private Bag 303, Chichiri

Blantyre 3


Tel: + 265 01 870 411


Network Governance

The Malawi Water Partnership has an Executive Committee consisting of 33 registered Partners.


Malawi is among the countries that are implementing the Global Water Leadership Programme in a Changing Climate (GWL), a global initiative to support emerging leadership for improved water, sanitation and hygiene services, and climate resilience. Read more about the programme here Global Water Leadership Programme in a Changing Climate (Malawi and Tanzania) - GWP.

Malawi was also among countries that implemented the Intra African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) Global Climate Change Alliance Plus (GCCA+) programme funded by the European Union. The programme aimed to increase the capabilities of Southern African Development Community (SADC) Member States and countries in the ACP region to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change, and have their voices better heard in international climate change negotiations. Read more about the programme here Intra-African, Caribbean, and Pacific Global Climate Change Alliance Plus - GWP.