Malawi Water Partnership

The Malawi Country Water Partnership (MCWP) was launched in 2002 to promote and facilitate Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM). The Country Water Partnership has a Secretariat hosted by Malawi Polytechnic.

 Institutional Setup
The CWP currently has 55 registered partners and is headed by a Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer. Secretary/Treasurer is current Dean of Engineering. The Secretariat was headed by the PAWD Core Team and PAWD Secretariat between  2004-2007.
Overview of Activities
Between 2004-2007, The MCWP was actively involved in the IWRM plans in alliance with GWP’s Partnership for Africa’s Water Development (PAWD) and with financial support from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Read more.

Further details on Tanzania CWP contact:

1)      Chair : Samuel Bota

2)      Victor Chipofyia; OR

3)      Theresa Mukandawire