Lesotho Water Partnership

The Lesotho Country Water Partnership (LCWP) was launched on 30th August 2004. The launch included a wide sector representation including Primary School Kids. The launch also included the introduction of the WASH campaign in Lesotho.

The guiding principle for the Partnership is enshrined in the Terms of Reference (revised on 2007). The spelt out objectives and functions as follows:
-Enhance collaboration among different stakeholders and partners in ensuring water availability, exploitation of available water resources and liase with other networks on IWRM issues

  • -Oversee adequate and proper monitoring of Water resources ( GW, SW, Dam and Reservoirs)
  • -Promote advocacy and protection of water resources (i.e pollution )through educative campaigns and access to information
  • -Harmonize policies that will ensure that IWRM is achieved
  • -Encourage safe disposal of industrial effluent
  • -Promote integration of water and sanitation services to achieve IWRM
  • -Promote monitoring standards of safe urban drainage
  • -Encourage formulation of policies and monitoring of safe land use
  • -Be updated on climatic changes and trends to facilitate the development of IWRM.  ----Facilitate integrated approach towards mitigation and management of droughts and floods
  • -Promote and facilitate capacity building of sectors implementing IWRM

Institutional Setup

LCWP currently has 28 members. Apart from the general membership, the LCWP is governed by a chairperson from the National University of Lesotho, has a Secretariat, and a Steering Committee. Apart from the Chairperson, other SC members comprise:

  • Water and Sewerage Authority (D. Chair)
  • Department of Water Affairs
  • Department of Rural Water Supply
  • Lesotho Meteorological Services
  • Lesotho National Development Corporation
  • LCN (Transformation Resources Centre)
  • Ministry of Agriculture (Dept of Crops

Overview of Key & Recent Activities

Over the years, the Partnership has been engaged in a number of activities aimed at partnership building and enhancing the sharing of ideas and networking amongst institutions. Other activities have included:

}  Lesotho Water Partnership  was actively involved in the development of:

  • Interim Strategy for water and sanitation sector(2010 -2012)
  • Wetlands Restoration and Conservation Project (MCA) (on-going to end in September 2013 (steering committee member)
  • National Water and Wastewater quality standards
  • LWP participated in the ORASECOM Joint Basin Survey – establishing baseline for water quality along the Orange-Senqu River basin
  • Coordinating office acts as a node for the network- disseminating information from GWP, GWPSA and national institutions dealing with water
  • Developed under Seed funding from GWPSA three proposals through which local funding is being sought, the 3 proposals were :
    • Maqalika ICM – pollution control
    • Likhoele ICM – erosion control and soil conservation
    • IWRM awareness raising
  • Participated in the development of the Long Term Water and Sanitation Strategy for the Sector(ongoing)
  • Draft Constitution for LWP developed and circulated to Partners

Further details on Lesotho CWP contact:

Host / Coordinator: Peter. N. Nthathakane; ngoanamaihe@gmail.com; +266 2232 7997