Mr. Seriti Phate

Seriti Phate has 29 years’ post-graduation experience in the design and management of infrastructure projects, particularly in the water sector. He has a keen interest in socio-economic development and the development of the economy in Lesotho based on its abundant resources. He is a co-founder of Tsoelopele Consultants & Contractors (TCC) and is the Managing Director. He has expertise in feasibility studies, overall sector planning and project management reviews as he did Lowlands Rural Water feasibly study, and has been preparing the guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment for rural water supplies in Lesotho for Department of Rural Water Supply (DRWS). He is well experienced in planning, design, construction and contract management in the water sector and other infrastructure projects from his positions as district engineer for the DRWS , estate management for the National University of Lesotho and as Managing Director and contracts manager for many infrastructure projects for TCC.

Mr. Phate has been involved in several development activities including consultancy and documents preparations and representing at various local and international forums. He has interest in climate change management and has presented a paper on the use of bamboo as the alternative renewable material which could also play a pivotal role in greenhouse effect sequestration.