Ms. Mantopi Lebofa

Ms. Mantopi Lebofa is the Founder and Director of the Lesotho-based NGO: Technologies for Economic Development (TED), with a mandate for environmental protection through the promotion and linking of education for sustainable development (ESD) and environment education (EE). Her role in TED involves directing the design of programmes towards advocacy, policy influencing and implementation of appropriate technologies for environmental protection, mitigation and adaptation of climate change in the fields of renewable energy, water, sanitation & waste management and hygiene.

As a Biogas Technician with experience in anaerobic digestion, Mantopi leads the promotion of ecological sanitation, “Closing the Loop”, now known as the Sanitation Value Chain and the Food-Energy-Water-Waste (FEW2) Nexus in Lesotho since 2002, promoting and implementing Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS) mainly for the protection of water resources with reuse of treated effluent on the compound as manure for food production and Biogas production as energy.

Mantopi is also an environmentalintegrated catchment management (ICM)expert, WASH, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) activist animating and developing the capacity of youth in these areas.