GWP-WA at the World Water Forum in South Korea

The 7th World Water Forum was held from April 12 to 17, 2015 in South Korea. This event, which is now included in to the global sustainable development agenda has brought together thousands of participants from all continents of the world. Global Water Partnership West Africa (GWP-WA) was represented by the WACDEP program Manager Mahamoudou TIEMTORE and Mrs. Felicite CHABI-GONNI Epse VODOUNHESSI IDMP Project Officer.

Mr. TIEMTORE took part in the session on "managing water related disaster risks: solutions for better resilience and crisis preparedness in Africa." This panel discussion was held on April 14, 2015 with a restitution of the results of the discussions done by Mr. Tiemtoré Mahamoudou, GWP / WA who moderated the session.
The session enabled to:

  • Discuss the challenges facing Africa in the management of disaster risk;
  • Assess the progress of Africa in managing disaster risk;
  • Exchange information on the limitations of approaches requiring investigations in disaster risk management in Africa;
  • Discuss the lack of coordination between institutions involved in the management of disaster risks.

Side Event IUCN-PACO and GWP / WA

This activity took place on April 16, 2015 and helped take stock of the situation of IWRM in West Africa with IUCN/PACO, GWP-WA, the SP / PAGIRE of Burkina. The discussions revealed a connection problem between the regional and national and local levels, a lack of knowledge or poor knowledge of the resource because of the limited resources allocated by the states to the research.
Regionally ECOWAS/WRCC should further assert its presence and play its coordination role. Similarly, States should continue action to make integration of the management of water resources more effective.
This side event was an opportunity to award prizes to winners of the journalism contest organized jointly by IUCN / PACO and GWP-WA.
Three winning journalists from Benin and Burkina were invited to attend this event and receive their prize. These prizes were awarded respectively to Mr. Alain Tossounon of Benin for a print article, Mr. Harouna Sana of Burkina Faso for a radio programme and Mrs. Valentine Zoungrana a native of Burkina Faso for a radio report.


Francophone Youth Initiative for Water

The Francophone Youth for Water project is a joint initiative to GWP, the Office Franco-Québécois pour la Jeunesse (OFQJ) and the World Youth Parliament for Women (WYPW) whose overall objective is "to contribute in a sustainable involvement but also the engagement of young people in public policies for sustainable development and well-being " in the context of climate change.
The WWF in South Korea was an opportunity to conduct two activities with the members of the WYPW, in which the the IDMP WAF Project Officer participated:

  • Co-facilitation with OFQJ of the Francophone Youth Day for Water on 13 April: information was given to the Francophone youth members of the WYPW, some guidance on the methodology of implementation of actions and a short plan of actions that should result in a white paper to be presented in November 2015 in Paris during the COP21;
  • The animation / presentation / launch of the Francophone youth project at the World Water Council's booth in Daegu on April 15: the non WYPW members were introduced to the project. The main concern that came out is the project follow-up and the impact of the recommendations contained in the White Paper to decision makers who will attend the COP21 knowing that the "water" section is considered as a minor part in the conference of the parties.

Youth group session


Group photo on youth day, April 13, 2015