Ghana: WACDEP supported Talk show held

The Ghana Country Water Partnership (CWP-Ghana) supported Mr. Yussif Rahmani (one of the participants in the Media training workshop held in September, 2014) from Quality FM in the Garu Tempane District to host a talk show in the Tampizua I community in the Kusaal language. This was a follow-up to an earlier show held in December 2014 in English at the premises of the radio station where it was recommended to organise one in the local dialect to disseminate widely the information to peasant farmers.

The talk show was held on 17th April, 2015. In attendance were the chief, elders and people of the Tampizua I & II and nearby communities, the resources person, the Agriculture Extension Officer for the area and the District Director of the Department of Food and Agriculture (MoFA). Over seventy (70) peasant farmers participated in the event.

The theme for the Talk was “the use of Agro Chemicals and their effects on the Environment and humans when misapplied”. The programme was recorded to be aired later

In his presentation, the resource person, Alhaji Imoro Azure noted the various types of agro chemicals including weedicides and fertilizers that are available and mostly used by farmers. He took farmers through the appropriate use of agrochemicals. This included the measurement, appropriate implements and dress needed for application of agro chemicals. There was a phone-in segment where farmers from other communities called to contribute to the discussions on one hand, and asked questions on the other hand. The resource person took time to explain the issues and provided responses that were complemented by the MOFA staff present.