Strengthening collaboration with partners

Taking advantage of their presence in Ouagadougou, the GWP WAF chair, Abel AFOUDA and the network officer for West Africa visited with the Executive Secretary some of our partners. In view of getting in touch with the technical and financial partners, a series of meetings were organized.

Institute for Research and Development (IRD)

GWP's delegation met Mr. Cheikh Kane with whom discussions focused on funding climate and risk management related opportunities. Information on funding and ongoing projects in this field in Africa were discussed. GWP / WA in view of ongoing projects (IDMP, WACDEP and Mekrou) proposes to work in collaboration with all relevant organizations.

The Water Resources Coordination Centre (WRCC)

The GWP delegation visited the ECOWAS WRCC to discuss current projects and the possibilities of a joint implementation of actions. In the absence of the Director on a mission, the delegation was received by Mr. Mahamane D. TOURE, responsible for regional programs and Mr. Innocent OUEDRAOGO, in charge of national programs.

The WRCC confirmed that the IWRM project funded by SIDA is now in place and that the GWP/WA is expected to contribute to its implementation.

The initiatives taken by GWP/WA were introduced WRCC, including:

- A series of national dialogues on Water and Food Security;

- Animation by organizations of the "youth of the Francophone countries in the context of climate change around a common project on water and food security" about three countries in West Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso and Togo);

- The Integrated Flood Management project with the CWP in Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria and Senegal.

Meeting with DANIDA

Abel AFOUDA, Manuel Fulchiron and Mr. Dam MOGBANTE, accompanied by representatives of the Country Water Partnership of Burkina Faso visited DANIDA on January 30, 2015. This was to make a point about the launch of the IDMP/WA funded by DANIDA and thank the representation in Burkina Faso for their support. The Delegation noted that the Kingdom of Denmark is one of the few donors to allocate budgets on IWRM in Africa, and hoped that this example will be followed by other countries.

The support from DANIDA is implemented in Burkina Faso through the SP-PAGIRE in its action plan. The CWP should include activities in consultation with the SP-PAGIRE that may seek the agreement of no objection from donors before eventually allowing the CWP to execute the NC actions.

Mr. Aboubacar Zougouri explained the desire of donors for a Ministry of Water in Burkina Faso, and said that they were in favor of GWP’s water goal campaign.

Discussions with 2IE

The visit to the International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (2iE) allowed to interact with the Director General of the institution, Pr. Amadou Hama Maiga, the Director of Studies, Mr. Hama YACOUBA and Mr. Harouna KARAMBIRI. It was noted a need to strengthen collaboration between 2IE and GWP / WA. 2IE has reiterated its willingness to sit as a permanent observer in GWP/WA Steering Committee. 2IE contributed at regional level the GWP 2014-2019 strategy, and the two organizations could develop joint projects and collaborate on the production and dissemination of knowledge in particular through the TOOLBOX. The collaboration between the two institutions could include mobilizing youth, 2IE is suitable for this kind action as an Institution that can engage students with GWP / WA. We could create a GWP Youth Club during the scientific days of the 2IE.

The campaign for a dedicated water goal in the SDGs was also found relevant, and states should be able to endorse this view in the negotiations. The Executive Secretary of GWP / WA, the Director of Research and the Director of the Graduate School will monitor the working points. A tour of the new complex "Technopolis" of 2IE has shown an impressive investment with equipment and laboratories at the forefront of research.