Validation of the Mekrou project monitoring and planning document

The Global Water Partnership West Africa Secretariat has validated the document on the monitoring and planning of activities of the project intitled "Water for growth and poverty reduction in the Mekrou transboundary river basin" or Mekrou Project.

This is an EU funded GWP project implemented by GWP West Africa and the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Union.
The document tried among other things to :

  • define global strategy of the monitoring
  • define the monitoring system of the implementation of the project precisely and exhaustively (mission definition, mechanisms of production, of data collection and diffusion, actors, resources...
  • define a detailled matrix of monitoring indicators
  • provide the appropriate (templates, various forms, ...), which will be used by various actors for a good monitoring of the implementation.

A consultant was hired to draft the document and the validation workshop was attended by all GWP WAf Secretariat staff in addition to IUCN and CWP Benin.