Benin, 1st General Assembly of the Youth Parliament for water

The Benin Youth Parliament for Water established on April 2, 2015, had its first general meeting to take stock of their activities of the first year, to evaluate the implementation of the 2015-2016 work plan, and then develop the plan for 2016-2017.

They presented the activities achieved during the year and shared experiences and lessons learned. They made a plea to their partners to build to their capacities through the organisation of training sessions on advocacy and its technics, information and education tools used in schools among others.

A work plan for 2016-2017 was developed taking into account the lessons learnt from the previous one which did not have enough funds for its implementation. The activities planned include:

  • awareness raising and education of their peers and young students on hygiene and sanitation with a focus on the promotion of hand washing;
  • Community based activities to accompany the municipalities as volunteering;
  • Citizenship actions.

The young parliamentarians will partner with actors working in schools to facilitate the implementation of actions planned in schools to contribute to the achievement of expected results. Community actions will be carried out on the basis of partnership already established with town halls.
The young parliamentarians met with the technical and Financial support of the PROSEHA / GIZ and CWP Benin and the session went well to the satisfaction of all with the renewal of commitments.