IDMP WA at GWP RD in Stockholm

The Regional Project Officer was part of the GWPWA team that participated in the GWP Regional Days. She took part on May 11, 2016 at the IDMP session that brought togetjer the Global progarmme Manager and the regional programmes managers of Eastern Africa and Central and Eastern Europe to discuss the challenges, difficulties and especially the added value of IDMP in each region.


West Africa is adding value by concretizing the actions to be undertaken by the regional platform, adapting the training module on "drought risk reduction in the context the Integrated Water Resources Management " to the Sahelian context and with the development of a technical guide on Integrated Drought Management. Partners are egaged with the joint implementation of pilot demonstration projects, the network of trainers created in the region, the sharing and dissemination of knowledge products through national and regional platforms.

The Global programme Manager encouraged the team and suggested that the inter regional experiences exchange be intensified to improve the sharing.