CLOSED:36/2022/Matchmaker 2 Call: construction of 3 wetlands to treat the water coming out from Wadi Al-Arroub Wastewater Treatment Plant and 3 solar systems to provide energy for the irrigation pumping systems in 3 farms

GWP-Med, as represented by its Host Institute MIO-ECSDE is conducting an open call for offers for the Construction of three (3) wetlands (tertiary treatment) to treat the water coming out from Al-Salt Wastewater Treatment Plant and three (3) solar systems to provide energy for the irrigation pumping systems in three (3) farms, in the framework of the Project: MENA Water Matchmaker 2 Project

SUBMISSION OF OFFERS BY: 22 June 2022, at 17:00h CET

You are kindly invited to read carefully the attached Call and the ToR and submit your offer to  before the above-mentioned closing date, writing in the email subject line: "Call for Offers 36/2022/ Matchmaker 2"

In your email you should attach the following two folders:

A compressed folder – FOLDER Α «PARTICIPATION DOCUMENTS – TECHNICAL OFFER» (.zip or .rar) containing the Technical offer, the Submission Letter, the Solemn Declaration, and any other supporting documents.

2. A password-protected compressed folder FOLDER Β «FINANCIAL OFFER» (.zip or .rar) containing only your Financial Offer. The password for opening the password-protected folder with your Financial Offer should be sent to the same email address ONLY at the request of the Contracting Authority, which will send a follow up email to all Participants whose Technical Offer has passed the technical evaluation.

In case the password is sent together with the Financial Offer file, the offer will be rejected.

In case the financial offer is not password protected, the offer will be rejected.

You may find a template of the contract here

For any clarifications on the present call for offers please contact Mr. Nikos Michopoulos (GWP-Med):