CLOSED: Call for offers for the Development of the Drin SAP investment

The Global Water Partnership Mediterranean is seeking to hire a company to develop  the Drin SAP investment plan and four project proposal documents in the framework of the GEF Project “Enabling Transboundary Cooperation and Integrated Water Resources Management in the Extended Drin River Basin”.

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Terms of Reference

Submission of  Solemn Self Declaration , Technical Offer  by 4th September 2020,

11th September 2020, at 17:00 h Athens Time at or

Submission of Financial Offer : Financial Offer should be send ONLY by post in a sealed envelope, with the indication “for the Call for the “Development of the Drin SAP investment plan and four project proposal documents” to the MIO-ECSDE/GWP-Med Address: 12, Kyrristou str., 105 56 Athens Greece, to be received by the indicated in the call deadline by 4th September 2020 11th September 2020.

Please find annexes of the ToR below

Annex ToR I - Template for project proposal document

Annex ToR Ia - Logframe_Matrix

Annex ToR Ib – Time Schedule

Annex Tor Ic - Budget_Summary Detailed_Budget


Clarification: MAX AVAILABLE BUDGET: USD 100.000 including VAT. The amount includes all other costs, income taxes and any other amount payable or cost that may be required for the completion of the work/service including  travel costs

For any clarification on the present call for offers please contact:

Novak Cadjenovic (GWP-Med)