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Gender Mainstreaming in IWRM

Among 60 million people in Myanmar, 50.3% of the total populations are women. Myanmar women play a major role in family welfare, raising children and in family decision making. Regarding the private property, according to Myanmar Buddhist Law, it is divided equally between husband and wife.  They enjoy equal rights as men. They do not take the name of the father or husband after marriage. Her name is her own and the name is known from birth to death unless she changes it of her own accord. The women may go out to work for the social development even that they still have the major responsibility to look after the family. Two responsibilities must be balanced for a woman who wishes to lead a harmonious and happy life both at home and in the society

Myanmar is the agro based country and 70% of the population resides in the rural areas. Women also contribute agricultural production works in parallel with men. Traditionally and culturally Myanmar women think their role is at home and shy to spoke in the public. Women usually offer privilege to men for decision making in the society. Gender mainstreaming is concern on both men and women. Awareness raising and some training are needed to understand gender mainstreaming.


51 participants from the Government organizations, Universities, NGOs, and Media/Journalists gathered to discuss the Gender Mainstreaming on 1st August 2014 in International Business Center, Myanmar. Looking at the present condition, they aware that women play a central part in the provision, management and safeguarding of water. From this point of view IWRM on gender mainstreaming is important and the needs of collaboration and coordination among the government organizations and the NGOs, social organizations and the stakeholders from various levels need to introduce new institutional arrangements for WRM, including organizations to manage gender mainstreaming in IWRM. Myanmar women play not only the role of mothers but also caretakers to develop the communities and the nation. The role of Myanmar women are vital role like men in building a nation.