GWP-SEA participated in the 2022 GWP annual Network Meeting

The 2022 network meeting was held earlier compared to the previous session. The meeting was held after the event of Regional Days with a hybrid format. The Regional Chairs, Regional Coordinators, Regional Communications Officers, Regional programme managers and GWP Global Secretariat staff who are in Stockholm participated according to the topics discussed in the breakout group session.

The 2022 GWP annual Network Meeting of Partners took place on 25 May, building on last year’s theme of “Leading Change and Innovation through our Partners”. The event was convened to stipulate learning exchange between GWP and partners and as a platform to yield recommendations to be considered by the global Steering Committee.

The 2022 Network Meeting used a different format compared to the previous edition. The event is also special since it is the first time most of the GWP’s global and regional staff joined in Stockholm.

In his opening Remarks, GWP’s Executive Secretary, Darío Soto-Abril highlighted the importance of the partners speaking up so that GWP can move forward with the innovation agenda in mind toward the second half of the global strategy. He reminded the participants of the latest innovations GWP has developed such as the new GWP Toolbox - IWRM Action Hub, which involved innovations in the creation of communities of practice (CoP). Under the toolbox platform, GWP has just launched the latest CoP, the Transboundary Water Knowledge Exchange Hub as a response to the partners and practitioners as a place for sharing experiences, case studies, and opportunities toward better transboundary water cooperation and management.

Held after the event of 2022 Regional Days, the Network Meeting event seemed special since the regional staff who previously joined the Regional Days were involved. All the regional staff were divided into five (5) breakout groups, whilst the partners joined online. The group discussed several topics, in particular: Climate resilience through water, Mobilizing youth for water management, Water solutions for the SDGs, Innovations at GWP networks, and Communications for social change.

GWP-SEA partner’s FONTO DE VIVO participated in the breakout group session “Communications for social change and water innovation”. They was the resource person during the GWP-SEA’s Innovative Solution for Sustainable Development Webinar Series#3: Provision of clean and safe water for emergency response and remote area.

Details of the breakout groups can be accessed from the GWPO article here.