The Annual Communications Officer’s Meeting

Held one day before 2022 Regional Days, the communication officers team discuss the preparation for the upcoming Network Meeting and used this opportunity as a regional-sharing session

The full-day meeting on Sunday, 22 May were focused on the inter-regional sharing sessions and the preparation for the upcoming GWP Network Meeting, planned for 25 May, where Southeast Asia and the majority of Comms Officer were involved. The learning session discussed one of the region’s activity worth sharing among others:

GWP SEA with its “Innovative Solution for Webinar Series”,

GWP SAS with their Youth and Young Water Professionals’ Platform (YYPP),

GWP Mediterranean with their Non-Conventional Water Resources program by Alter Aqua project,

GWP CEE with their  Interregional Danube Floodplain Online Course,

GWP Central America with the SDG 6.5.1 consultation process support through high-level regional events, and production of comms material such as video, infographic and proceeding,

GWP Central Africa with Outdoor sensitization campaign on dental fluorosis (WACDEP-G),

And some other activities throughout the whole region.

For the rest of the day, the communication officers discussed the preparation for the Network Meeting, which consists of the finalization of the opening session and the breakout group session.