Global Rainwater Management Program - 5th Innovative Solutions for Water Secure and Sustainable Development Webinar Series

On June 6th, 2024, Global Water Partnership Southeast Asia (GWP-SEA) held its 5th webinar series of Innovative Solutions for Water Secure and Sustainable Development webinar series, focusing on the Global Rainwater Management Program with 55 attendees online.

The webinar featured Global Water Partnership (GWP) partners from India, Devram International, represented by Dhaval Pandya, the COO of the Global Rainwater Management Programme, with support insight from water scarcity expert Lal Induruwage and Takeshi Takama, Chief Executive Officer from Sustainability and Resilience ( 

The webinar was started with opening remarks from Mr. Fany Wedahuditama, Regional Coordinator GWP-SEA, to set the scene on rainwater management contribution toward climate change adaptation, followed by expert views on the world water crisis. As the audiences were warming up  on the topic, Dhaval Pandaya presented Devram International’s innovation on the Global Rainwater Management Program (GRMP), an innovation to manage the abundant natural water resources such as rain as part of climate change adaptation nature-based solutions approach. The presentation was then followed up with a Q & A session with the audiences.

 Figure 2 Menti Meter © GWP SEA 2024


Devram International and GWP-SEA are welcoming other stakeholders to collaborate on the implementation of GRMP in Southeast Asian countries. The webinar was wrapped up by hearing the key takeaways from Nikos Skondras, Water Replenishment Expert fromGWP Mediterranean, who have managed up to 10 million Euro worth of projects in the MENA region.  

For more information or interest on Global Rainwater Management Program (GRMP), please contact (Mr) Dhaval Pandya, Chief Operating Officer, Shree Someshwar Education Trust – Surat, India If you want to receive further updates on Innovative Solutions and Global Water Partnership Southeast Asia, please contact our secretariat at or (Mr) Fany Wedahuditama, Regional Coordinator GWP-SEA