Lesotho Water Partnership's Governance Structure

The Lesotho Water Partnership  has an Executive Committee consisting of a minimum of eight registered Partners. Read more about Lesotho Water Partnership’s Governance Structure below. 










Mr. Seriti Phate

Tsoelopele Consultants & Contractors (TCC)
Email: seritiphate@gmail.com 


Mr. Thabo Nteko

Deputy Chairperson
Global Development Consultants
Email: mnrnteko@gmail.com











Mr. Lira Theko

Transformation Resource Centre (TRC)
Email: lira@trc.org.ls











Mr. Ntiea Letsapo

Department of Water Affairs
Email: ntiea95@gmail.com











Ms. Vuyani Tshabalala Monyake

Committee Member
Environmental Practitioners Association of Lesotho
Email: vuyani@multinodal.co.ls











Ms. Bonang Mosiuoa

Committee Member
Serumula Development Association
Email: bonang@serumula.org.ls











Mr. Ramatsoku Rampai

Committee Member
Department of Range Resources
Email: rampairi85@gmail.com











Ms. Mantopi Lebofa

Committee Member
Technologies for Economic Development (TED)
Email: mantopi@yahoo.com