Innovative Urban Water Management

GWP PANASIA Workshop is organized further to a decision that was taken by the GWP PANASIA event that was held in Guangzhou, China, in December 2015, and that dealt about Flood Management. It was suggested to organize when possible a yearly Workshop that would be hosted by one of the GWP Asia Region and that would deal about a critical water issue of the Asia region. This year GWP Southeast Asia will organize the first workshop.

The main objective of the workshop is to promote the exchange of experience and knowledge on innovative urban water management approaches in Asia, among the four GWP Regional Water Partnerships (GWP Southeast Asia, GWP China, GWP Central Asia and Caucasus, GWP South Asia) and key Asian Regional Organizations.
The venue of the Workshop is in the below address:
PUB Singapore Water Hub
Address: 80 Toh Guan Road East. Singapore 608575
Telephone: (65) 68852805, Fax: (65) 68852526

This two day workshop will take the opportunity of the presence of all GWP, GWP PANASIA, Steering Committee members and Our Partner Organization.




Logistic Note