Individual Membership

3rd Regional Partners' Meeting of GWP China opened a new page in addition to 'a regional partnership of GWP' under the witness of the Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2016. From then on, GWP China had an independent legal status titled "China Water Resources Strategic Studies" in Chinese and "GWP China" in English.

Until 2021, we have over 200 group members. From 2022, the application platform is open to individual partners!


All individuals who are keen on water resources strategic research and committed to water protection and sustainability are welcome to apply.

I Application procedure

(I) Fill in the "individual member registration form of GWP China" (see sidebar);

(II) Fax or mail the completed "registration form" to the Secretariat office;
Contact: Zhang Daidi
Mailing address: room 978, block a, Chinese Academy of water sciences, No. 1, Yuyuantan South Road, Haidian District, Beijing (100038)
Tel: 010-68785608
Fax: 010-68587058
mail box:

(III) The Secretariat will review the "individual member registration form";

(IV) After the membership registration form is reviewed and qualified, the institution will issue individual membership certificate and mail it to the applicant.

II Rights and obligations of individual members

1. Rights to have:

1.1 Vote for election of the institution;

1.2 Participate in the activities organized by the institution;

1.3 Obtain the services of the institution;

1.4 Suggest and evaluate the workouts of the institution;

1.5 Voluntary membership and free withdrawal.

2. Obligations to fulfill:

2.1 Abide by the articles of institution and implement the resolutions of the institution;

2.2 Protect legitimate rights and interests of the institution; understand the vision and mission of the institution, and support the construction and development of the institution;

2.3 Actively participate in various activities organized by the institution and earnestly complete the work assigned by the institution;

2.4 Report to the Council and provide relevant information;

2.5 Share information and experience with other members.

III. Individual membership fee

Zero funding demand on individual members

Contact for more information about individual membership application——
Ms. Zhang Daidi
Mailing address: Room 978, Blv.A, No. 1, Yuyuantan South Road, Haidian District, Beijing (100038)
Tel: 010-68785608
Fax: 010-68587058
Mobile phone: 13810208028