Knowledge Products

GWP China has played its role as a neutral platform for equal communication and dialogues at all levels, promoting IWRM knowledge, raising funds and sharing knowledge of IWRM and contributes to the implementation of the ‘strictest water resources management system’ in China.

For strengthening dissemination of IWRM knowledge and the leading role in IWRM, GWP China and its provincial/river basin water partnerships, in addition to continuing to organize different types of activities including workshops, fora, dialogues and on-site meetings, have introduced more means to publicize, guide and share IWRM principles as well as training in order to involve more people accessible to these knowledge and also insistently upgraded the knowledge.

The role and values of GWP Toolbox, publications and media  have been maximized. The related publications and Toolbox manuals on water resources management were translated into Chinese to introduce IWRM more systematically. The communication with media has been strengthened for wider dissemination and more influence.